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Georgia Football: 5 bold predictions for 2019 Sugar Bowl vs. Texas The Texas Longhorns are riding one of the best seasons they have had in years. Despite an early loss to Maryland, Texas knocked off Oklahoma once and finished second in the Big 12 race. The Georgia Bulldogs also came in second after a loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship game. However, a loss to LSU earlier in the season kept the Bulldogs out of the playoff conversation.

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Now, these two teams are on a collision course that ends at the Sugar Bowl at 8:30 p.m. ET live from New Orleans, La. On that note, let’s get bold as 2018 winds down.

This is the second to last game of the college football season. The only game after is the National Championship which is yet another round of the Alabama and Clemson saga. That’s exciting sure, but it is also starting to get boring for lack of a better word.

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It does help that Texas is one of the highest publicized programs — good or not — in the nation. Everyone wants to the University of Texas to be great again, to go back to 2005. While that may be in the far future, a New Year’s Six berth is definitely a step in the right direction for the Longhorns.

Georgia has also become one of those teams as they are standing up to and fighting toe to toe with the likes of Alabama. They nearly knocked out the Tide in the SEC Championship game this season and the national title game a season ago.

Simply put, both of these teams have extremely dedicated fans and as a result I am sure that this one will be one of the higher televised games of the season, especially of the post season.

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